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A Museum Guide doesn't have to be one-way only.

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What makes an exhibition relevant?

Stories. Thoughts. Discussions.

Read what others think


Every exhibit tells a story. Read its story – or its visitor's thoughts.

But what do you think?


Share your thoughts or stories about an exhibit with others – anonymously.

Get to know your audience

Who cares?

See which exhibit is talked about the most. Learn what people might be more interested in. (Coming Soon)


Users can Opt-in, download and delete their data


Implementation takes about 1 week.
Digital project? Done.

Always different

Just the lates stories are published and safed

Still in beta



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Holger Kurtz



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About me

Holger Kurtz

I advise cultural organizations on marketing and digitalization. I've also been programming for a few years - mainly chatbots. As you may have already guessed.

Ready to quietly break the silence?


What kind of Museums are suitable?

Every kind of museum. Art, History, Nature, French, Spanish, German, Small, Big, Digital, Analog – all it needs are exhibits and Identification Numbers for each exhibit. Exactly those things needed for an old school audio guide.

What does an Implementation would look like?

I create the bot on telegram or SMS. You add IDs to your exhibitions. If you are already using an Audio Guide, great. Then you don't have to do anything. But you might provide some initial texts for the exhibits. That way you can start a conversation or provide insights from your website. If you want to change the bots instruction texts or emojis, feel free – I can personalize the bot to your corporate identity / design.

What do the visitors need to use the bot?

The Visitors can use the bot via text message– everybody is able to send a message for free. But the bot works best if your visitors use the free messenger app "Telegram". It's an app for Apple and Android Devises. If you use the telegram app, you need to know the name of the bot. If you use text message, you need to know the telephone number. But it's 2021! All they really have to know is how to scan an QR Code.